Friday, 8 June 2007

Pizza Now

...Upon hearing our plans for the book, he told us that he’d be shutting up shop shortly, and that he’d come outside and chat to us if we wanted as soon as he’d cleaned the place up. We retired outside to eat, then Yehiel – a stocky man with closely cropped hair in his mid thirties – came to sit with us and give us his views on settlements and Israeli politics. Wiping his oil-stained hands on his t-shirt, he launched straight into a vehement tirade against the Israeli public and the government who lead them... (read on here)


Michael said...

seth - were you at today's 'legal' demonstration in homesh permitted by the IDF? what on earth are the govt/army playing at?

seth said...

michael - i was there, and am writing a piece about it now for commentisfree... should be up on friday