Friday, 8 June 2007

First Impressions

...Visiting an illegal hilltop settlement near Nablus, our guide turned to us and asked "is this hilltop illegal or not?". When we shrugged our shoulders in response, he replied "I don't know either. If it's legal, they should stop telling the settlers to leave. If it's not, why did they build a water tower for the residents, and why did they hook up the caravans to the national grid?" - pointing to the pylons on the hillside and the huge concrete water container perched atop the summit.

He wanted us to see the government as confused and indecisive in its West Bank policies, and - regardless of our conflicting political leanings - I agreed with him wholeheartedly. On reflection, however, I don't think they're confused at all. I think they're trying to dupe the public, and the rest of the world, into thinking that they're all about withdrawal-for-peace, but in reality are happy to bankroll and support the settlement juggernaut as it rolls deeper and deeper into the occupied territories.... (
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