Monday, 16 July 2007

A Dog's Life

Out pounding the streets of Efrat the other day, (my cousin and co-blogger) Josh and I walked past a building site where a few labourers toiled away in the afternoon sun.
As we turned the corner, we saw another of the workers sitting down in the shade of an olive tree eating his lunch, so we stopped and struck up a conversation with him. What we learned from the brief chat served to reaffirm to us the atrocious state of affairs that exists for Palestinians who are "lucky" enough to find employment with Israeli contractors... (read on at commentisfree)


Anonymous said...

Fuk u....why dont u leave this country

Asher said...

What a load of Shtoot! Why don't you self-righteous prats have a look at what the state of affairs is for arabs who are "lucky" enough to live in the so-called Palestinian Authority? They want ou, that's what! You are all so eager to dis Israel, but it is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East. If you were to try to do this in the P.A they would kill you, idiots! So fall down on your knees and thank G-d for Israel!