Tuesday, 26 June 2007

The Wailing Wall

What is your favourite wall? I know mine, do you know yours? Mine is the one that is called the Wailing Wall – but don’t worry, it doesn’t really wail! That would be funny, wouldn’t it? You know, if there was a wall that cried real tears and felt sorry for itself! In fact, I am laughing so hard at the thought of it that I just fell off the wall I was sitting on. Now I feel like wailing! Or at least having a little weep as I try to stop the blood pouring from my temple.

Speaking of temples, do you know that behind the Wailing Wall is a temple called the Dome of the Rock? It’s really beautiful, and it contains hundreds and thousands of things called Muslims inside. Muslims are a bit like Jews – but don’t make them angry! If you do, they might start an intifada. In-ti-fa-da. Can you say intifada? I can – but I don’t. Do you know why? Because intifada is a naughty word, like right-of-return and one-state-solution. If you say it, you might have to leave Israel – and not for a holiday!

Anyway, the Wailing Wall and the Dome of the Rock are just two of the lovely things you can find in the Old City of Jerusalem. Two lovely things, for two lovely groups of people. Sometimes, when it’s very quiet and there are no stars in the sky, you can hear the sound of bullets hitting Muslims – but don’t be afraid! That’s just a little game that the Jews and the Muslims play between themselves, which helps them sort out their differences, and reminds the naughty Muslims to stop their intifada mischief!

Sometimes Muslims need reminding – like we all do, don’t we? So now let’s remind ourselves about the Old City. It has a Dome, and a? Yes, a Wall! So next time anyone tells you the Old City is just boring and plain, you can shout “No, no! It’s full of fun!”

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deb said...

Oh, dear. Didn't anyone warn you about sitting around on that wall? It's very hard to pick up the pieces after the fall.

Rodrigo said...

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tollek said...

oy, seth, i don't know what you are trying to achieve with your lurchings between zionism and antizionism. but it leaves me giddy!

can't say i have very much love for the haredim OR the muslims but the latter's real estate portfolio is looking a lot healthier these days! nowadays in khaybar, for example, you can't hear bullets hitting jews at night anymore because the zionist agricultural settlement and racist infrastructure of oppression (aka "yishuv") has thoughtfully been converted into desert by the eco-friendly rainbow warriors of jihad. why should jews be entitled to live in the middle east bikhlal? let alone the east mediterranean littoral aka "palestine"? unfortunately this is the philosophy of most of the followers of muhammad (pbuh and his family). do you really think your tortured jewish "voice in the wilderness" is going to change that?

Oneida said...

Good words.

nic said...

a small tear fell from my eye i was laughing so hard